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Welcome to the Future of Radiology!

Empowering radiologists with AI to save time, reduce burnout, and improve patient care.

350+ Imaging Centers

Trusted and esteemed partner in the field of radiology

1M+ lives impacted ​

Ensuring quality, accuracy, and security in every report generated

1000+ Installations

Together, we are shaping the future of healthcare.

Why Endimension AI?

We deliver results

Our solutions improve efficiency and capture missed revenue opportunities.

Ease of use

Easy integration with the radiologists’ existing workflow.

We’re a trusted partner

Founded by IIT Alumni, backed by great investors, and trusted by the nation’s leading radiology groups.

Customized Solutions

We specialize in delivering tailored AI radiology solutions, to the needs of radiological practices.

Generative AI

Our AI can aid your reporting

Improves quality and accuracy for your patients

Workflow efficiency and productivity

Simple and easy to set up

AI Reporting

Utilize AI-driven tools to produce qualitative and quantitative insights that can accelerate your radiology reporting process

Predictive Diagnosis

Harness our AI assistants to assess risks and forecast early indicators of degeneration, leading to more precise and timely diagnoses.

Enhanced Diagnostics

Elevate medical claims and diagnostic accuracy with visually detailed quantitative evidence in radiology reports, optimizing the healthcare process.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy seamless cross-platform access with integrated cloud support for uninterrupted connectivity.

Seamless AI Experience

Automatically identify, characterize, and classify all abnormalities with automated quantification, ensuring reliable tracking and management.

Enhanced ROI

Access comprehensive and illustrative analysis, even with limited diagnostic expertise, enabling efficient case reporting on the go.

Media Mentions

“They are developing products to address global market needs, to meet the rising demand for imaging examinations, prevent diagnostic errors, and enable sustained productivity increases..”

Asian Entrepreneurship Award

& more..

“The challenge introduced by NASSCOM aimed at bridging the gap for healthcare providers to adopt digital technology to provide healthcare services.”

winners of NASSCOM CoE, iot & AI Challenge#2

“SIDBI facilitates funding for startups by organising Investors’ Day in Bengaluru on January 16, 2020,”

winners in the SIDBI ii Investors' Day event

“Secured seed round from Inflection Point Ventures, an angel investment platform. The funds raised will be utilised to acquire talent for new product development, R&D and for boosting the sales team to fuel further growth.”


Our Supporters

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated supporters and invaluable partners for their unwavering commitment to our journey and steadfast support.​